Xiaomi VH 420ML USB Desktop Humidifier Silent Air Purifier

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1. Increase air humidity and reduce dust and bacteria. Moisturizes the skin and gives you the feeling of a spa.
2. Ultra-small size, light weight: 480ml large capacity. Add water once and keep moisturizing for 10 hours without worrying about adding water
3. Intelligent anti-dry design: use the probe to achieve physical anti-dry burning, the water level is lower than the probe position, and
The power is automatically cut off to ensure safety.
4. Silent moisturizing: does not affect sleep, anti-radiation humidifier, safe and reliable, both mother and baby can enjoy moisturizing
5. Tact switch design: long press the switch for more than 2 seconds; lightly press the gear switch, any gear is closed for more than 2 seconds
Location, operation is simple
6. Support waterless automatic shutdown function, intelligent touch switch, USB plug power supply, low DC 5V input voltage, safe and reliable.
7. Millet humidifiers are recommended to use only tap water or mineral water. Do not use distilled or purified water. Refusing to dry anywhere, people are always in a comfortable and humid environment.
Note: 1. When adding tap water, be careful not to exceed the maximum (MAX) water level line.
2, the cotton swab should be put into the water until completely soaked for 30 seconds. After the cotton swab absorbs enough moisture, insert the cotton swab tube, then insert the cotton swab tube back into the main head and tighten it clockwise (step of replacing the cotton swab).
3. After plugging in the USB power, gently touch the switch for 2 seconds, the humidifier starts to work: Gently touch the switch to turn on the intermittent spray mode (spray three seconds for three seconds): gently touch the switch for 2 seconds in the working state, shut down.
4. When using this product, water should not contain impurities, and no essential oil is applicable.
5. When the spray becomes small, please replace the cotton swab.
Project Type: VH Bench Humidifier
Material: ABS, PP, silicone, stainless steel
Voltage: DC 5V
Power: 2W
Humidification amount: 30-35mL / h
Continuous spraying time: about 10H
Intermittent spraying time: about 24 hours
Color: red, green. blue
Water tank capacity: 420ML
Weight: 237 grams
Size: 100.6 x 126.7mm
Package Included:
1 VH desktop humidifier host
2 x cotton swab
1 x instruction manual

Xiaomi Corporation


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