XIAOMI Sonic Electric Toothbrush DDYS01SKS

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XIAOMI Electric Toothbrush Main Features:
The gentle advanced sonic technology gives you the confident smell and fresh breath every morning.Xiaomi Sonic Toothbrushoffers optimal comfort with a truly deep clean for you with its high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor and high-density planting brush. The brush can clean your teeth and gums, whiten your teeth, prevent tooth decay, remove plaque, coffee stain and calculus. Use the standard clean mode to complete your everyday tooth cleaning route, or the gentle mode to take care of your gum health. You can use the APP to customize the cleaning mode ( brushing time, brushing strength, and other functions ) according to your daily habits and special needs. The 6 built-in high-precision sensors can detect your brushing gesture, and record the brushing area and the stay time, and the APP will analyze the data to give your the brushing score.

Detailed parameters:
High efficiency magnetic levitation sonic Motor
High-density stainless steel brush head
Personalized custom Multiple brushing patterns
Brushing posture recognition and report generation

Xiaomi electric toothbrushes should not only have high-frequency vibrations, but also strong power. The highly efficient magnetic levitation acoustic motor, developed by United German Japanese experts, more than 31,000 times/min vibration, power output torque up to 230gf.CM *, so that the power not only to stay in the high-frequency vibration of the motor, more efficient transmission to the brush head, even when brushing the brush head with teeth to brush teeth, still maintain strong power, The water in the mouth and toothpaste foam to form a small pulse cleaning force, impact the clearance of teeth, clean dental plaque, to achieve a stronger cleaning effect than manual toothbrushes.

High-density metal-free planting brush
Metal-free design makes the brush head rust-free, environmentally friendly and healthy.
Adopting American Dupont bristle, the bristle quantity is increased by 40 percent,
and the rounding bristle will not scratch your gums or damage the surface

3 cleaning modes for your free choice
The standard clean mode meets your daily cleaning needs;
the gentle mode carefully protects your gums while cleaning your teeth;
you can customize your own cleaning mode by APP

APP control with Bluetooth function
Connect the toothbrush to the APP via Bluetooth, and you can customize your own brushing mode according to your daily habits and cleaning needs

APP grading function with built-in sensors
The 6 built-in sensors detect your brushing gesture, and monitor the 6 brushing areas and the stay time.
When you connect to APP, you can see the brushing score for every cleaning, brushing time, coverage rate, etc.
You can share and look through the reports anytime

Great toothbrush for travel use – long standby time
When fully charged, the toothbrush has enough battery life for 18 days of regular use.
APP shows the battery left, so you can charge it timely

2 charging ways – charging dock or USB cable
The toothbrush with the universal USB port, can connect to the power back or laptop to charge itself.
Meanwhile, the inductive charging dock can automatically recognize Mi Home toothbrush for high-power charging

Compact and integrated body, IPX7 waterproof rating
The integrated body makes every parts joint seamlessly, the body and the charging dock are IPX7 waterproof rating.
The matt finish is simple and compact, which enhances its appearance, and it blends well in your bathroom

The anti-slip raised design on the back ensures safe grip while brushing
The seamless button design, never worry about water logging or toothpaste blocking
Humanized charging dock, you can insert the toothbrush in 3 directions
The base color is replaceable, never worry about taking other people’s toothbrush by mistake, great for family use


Model Number :Xiaomi Sonic Electric Toothbrush DDYS01SKS
Type : Acoustic Wave
Age Group : Adults
Quantity : 1 toothbrush & 1 heads & Charger dock
Material : US DuPont Brush Hair






Xiaomi Corporation


Rated voltage3,7 v
Potencia nominal:2 w
Waterproof classification:IX7 (toothbrush and base)
Tiempo de carga:Over 12 hours
The Battery:700 MAH battery, Li ion

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