Xiaomi Mijia Youpin Hi+Intelligent Posture Belt Smart Reminder Correct Posture

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Xiaomi Mijia Youpin Hi+Intelligent Posture Belt Smart Reminder Correct Posture

Indicator status:

Blue light on:normal work

Blue light flashes:Not enough power

Red light on:charging

Red light flashes:full charge

How to use

1 Adjust the strap to the proper length and wear it.

2 Press the button to turn on the device (vibrate once). At this time, you need to lift your head and straighten your back.

3 Maintain the correct sitting or standing position for 4 seconds, the belt will vibrate again, at this time the correct posture has been recorded.

4 When you have bad postures such as Shrink chest or hump, the posture belt will remind you by vibration.

5 After wearing, when the power is turned on, the button stops vibration and shuts down.


1.There are two modes to choose from for 1 posture, the specific reference mode is selected.

2 If the induction is not sensitive, you can jump in the strap properly or select the sensitive mode.

3 For thin people, if they feel too tight or a bit frustrated for the first time, it is recommended to manually pull the strap or wear them across clothing.

4 When wearing, you can find others to assist in wearing, and confirm the correct posture for better results.

5 When wearing to children, be careful and do not adjust the strap too tightly because the child is still developing.

6 The machine does not turn on after a fault. Please charge for ten minutes firstly.

Wearing time

This product is suitable for long-term wear to form muscle memory. It is recommended to wear it for 2 hours a day.

0-3 days adaptation period :The hardest three days, the word worn for more than 30 minutes is victory

3-21days adjustment period:  Gradually adjust to single wear time target 1 hour

21-60 days:Stable period Gradually describe muscle memory, word wear target for 2 hours


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