Xiaomi Mijia MINI Head Massager 3D Stereo Massage Wet And Dry

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Xiaomi MINI Head Massager - เครื่องนวดหัว MINI - Xiaomi Lovers ...

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Xiaomi mini massage head 3d stereo massage

Product model: M2
Product size: Approx. 140 × 110 × 110 mm)
Machine weight: About 405g
Working temperature: -5 ° C -40 ° C
Power supply mode: 1200 mAh lithium battery
Round massage: 10min
Packing specifications
Massage × 1
Charging cable × 1
Instruction manual × 1
3D Stereo Massage Easily Enjoy From Scratch
4 swivel wheels, WAY Surround design, massage 丨 one button, wet and dry adjustment 0102
Relieve brain fatigue 10 minutes
Fast-paced, great working life, mental stress, dizziness, difficulty
TO Sleep. Every day, the brain passively receives bombardment information from all aspects using
Excessive brain and exhaustion. MN massage head, 3D stereo
Massage, 10 minutes, ENJOY relax from beginnin

4 rotating wheels, hand massage design simulation

4 heads, 28 claws, 84 CONTACTS, 4 revolving cycles, like finger massage
Continuously grasping, pressing the scalp, massage the wider area and additional Comfort massage
Well, enjoy the full sports Kneading. 05066 kinds of massage techniques
Truly dredge Meridian Vitality
Open, Close, Push, Pull, Squat, Handle, 6 Delicate type massage technique, promoting blood circulation in the brain
Ring, relieve brain fatigue
Two speed adjustable, Comfort and free switch
By changing the rotation speed, rhythm, alternating strength to build, whether slow or not
FAST, comfortable toggle button070820181024_110229_0111011
P × 7 waterproof and wet
The body has P × 7 waterproof function, while enjoying the massage head,
Shower and clean the scalp131415
16Type-C convenient charging, free wireless
CHARGER AND BASE CONTACTS, Avoid Immersion of SB Interface when Cleaning BODY
Damage for 10 minutes, massage around when sustained use 10




Xiaomi Corporation

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