XIAOMI Massage Pad Medical Therapy Pain Simulate Blood Circulation Relaxation

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XIAOMI Massage Pad Medical Therapy Pain Simulate Blood Circulation Relaxation


Brand PMA XIAOMI Ecological Chain Brand
Name PMA foot acupoint massage pad
Model Y10
Color Orange / Grey
Material EVA
Size 33 cm * 4 cm
Weight 456g


  • 445 acupuncture points, massage 66 points: There are nearly a hundred raised points on the surface of the massage pad. When used, the external points of the foot feel external force stimulation to promote human health.
  • Semi-bumped arc shape for improved experience: The overall appearance of the product is semi-bumped round. When used, the foot is naturally placed on the surface, which will not cause the ankle to be tired.
  • 4 laps of 12 passes, bearing more than 200kg: The back of the product adopts a hollow hollow design, which is strong in pressure and suitable for different weight groups.
  • EVA high temperature material, anti-fall and durable: The product adopts engineering high temperature EVA material, which has good drop resistance and durability.
  • As a gift for parents care for their health: Caring for parents’ health and giving them to their parents is the most sincere concern for them.
Instructions for use and precautions
      1. When starting to use this product, feel the pain of the foot. Put a blanket on the massage cushion. After you adapt, wear socks or walk barefoot. When you massage, relax your body and step by step!
      2, walking time, should not exceed 20 minutes, the elderly and children control in about 10 minutes, once a day or once every other day, 30 times for a cycle, interval three to five days and then do the next cycle.
      3, can drink warm water before walking, this is conducive to blood and blood, better massage effect
      4, girls menstrual period and preg-nancy, preg-nancy should not be used! 5, there are other diseases, please consult a doctor before using.

Package Included:
1 x Foot Massage Pad


Xiaomi Corporation


Grey, Orange

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