Vasyli Armstrong Diabetic Orthotic Insoles


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Vasyli Armstrong Diabetic Orthotic Insoles

For sufferers of diabetes, it is especially important to ensure that feet are properly protected, as small injuries are prone to causing more serious conditions. The Vasyli Armstrong Diabetic Orthotic Insoles are unique orthotics that are a revelation for sufferers of diabetes and have been professionally designed by the Vasyli think tank team. Where conventional footwear and insole technology fails to address the key problem areas for the diabetic foot, the Vasyli Armstrong Diabetic Orthotic Insoles do so effectively.

Five Unique Protective Layers

By using a unique design with Glidesoft technology, the dorsal surface of the insole moves with the plantar surface of the foot. This is achieved with a clever design of five layers of material sewn together in such a way as to allow the top layer to slide on top of the lower layers. The layers are compiled as follows:

  1. The top layer is made of ‘Outlast’ material to mediate a constant temperature
  2. ‘Plastazote’ layer for 100% plantar surface contact
  3. Shock absorbing layer for comfort and impact reduction
  4. Teflon layer to provide even more protection
  5. The bottom layer is the ‘EVA base’ heat mouldable material

Sizing Information

Please use the following guide based on shoe size to determine your size and select the required option from the drop down menu above. Please note the Vasyli Armstrong Diabetic Orthotic Insoles are trimmable if fractionally too long. This should be done with a pair of scissors and should be trimmed to within 1/8 of an inch to the elastic stitching.

Insole Size UK Size
Extra Small Size 3 – 4.5
Small Size 5 – 6.5
Medium Size 7 – 8.5
Large Size 9 – 10.5
Extra Large Size 11 – 12.5



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