Ucheer Mini Air Purifier Home Air Cleaner Portable Odor Remover HEPA Filter Sterilizing – Gray


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Ucheer Mini Air Purifier Home Air Cleaner Portable Odor Remover HEPA Filter Sterilizing


Product Name: Air Purifier

Brand: Ucheer

Case Material: Aluminum alloy

Size: 7 x 8 cm (Diameter X Height)

Weight: 0.14 kg.

Colour: Silver/White/Pink


Using CH-CUT technology to decompose formaldehyde, toluol, TVOC, etc. Instead of only absorbing, Ucheer air purifier can decompose these pollutants into H2O, O2, CO2. No secondary pollution. Meanwhile, CH-CUT technology has sterilization function, which can help protect your family’s health.

Ucheer has tested by multiple authoritative testing mechanisms. The bacterial eliminating rate up to more than 90%. Reduced rate of formaldehyde up to 93%, reduced rate of toluol up to 60%.

UCHEER Air Purifier Working Theory:

Ucheer air purifier using CH-CUT technology to decompose pollutants. With the inside CH-CUT particles, Ucheer can destroy the chemical construction of some pollutants, such as formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic compounds, etc. After absorbing and decomposition, Ucheer will turn these pollutants into harmless carbon dioxide, oxygen and water. Unlike the traditional activated carbon filter, Ucheer not only just absorbing the pollutants, which may really easily release to air again, so Ucheer will not make a secondary pollution.

Meanwhile, CH-CUT particles have sterilization function. Through oxidation, the reactive oxygen that released by CH-CUT can easily sterilize the bacterial in the air and environment, remove undesirable odor.

With an exquisite and portable size, you can use Ucheer air purifier in any place that you want. Ucheer will make a difference in 24-48 hours after using. It will help you purify the air, sterilize the bacterial, then improve the overall health of your family.

Instruction for Use:

Please put Ucheer to the place that you want to purify, it will make a difference in 24-48 hours. Don’t need to put it close to a window, you can put it everywhere.

One Ucheer air purifier can cover 0.5 cubic meters. Please increase the amount of purifiers in larger space. And one Ucheer air purifier can keep working for 5 years. Even after a long time use, the performance of CH-CUT particles still can keep stable.

Portable air purifier, with an exquisite and small size, it is perfect for a small space using. You can use it at car, refrigerator, shoe cabinet, closet, cupboard, new furniture, bathroom, car, smoke area, office desk, etc.

Package Content:

1 x Air Purifier



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