Pic Solution Insupen 33 x 4mm

Pic solution

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Insupen pen needles: A comprehensive range for any need.

  • Product Capacity: 100pcs


Longer bevels 33G the smallest Insupen needle for comfortable and indolor injections Everyday, trouble free.

Minimal dimensions:
Research brings to you Insupen 33G, at the cutting edge of indolor technology and comfort: its diameter of just 0.20mm and length of 4mm allow for an indolor injections and comfortable therapy.


Maximum adaptability:
Insupen 33G offer most patients an optimal therapy option. The average dermis thickness is between 1.8 and 2.5mm, therefore a 4mm needle will reach the right administration point in most patients.


Insupen Extr3me, a revolutionary design for comfort as never experienced before.
Insupen EXRT3ME: Thanks to the new needle tip geometry, the new Insupen Extreme range allows reaching a genuine indolor experience


Thinner profile
It reduces the needle size (in comparison to Insupen traditional) and hence the feeling of invasiveness and discomfort


Longer bevels
Sharper bevels are obtained by increasing their length and reducing the sharpening angle. This combined action allows the needle to penetrate more easily into the skin with less force thus causing less pain.


High Flow Thin Wall: the details that make a difference
With an inner wall of just 0.045mm, and a greater internal Iumen, the High Flow Thin Wall technology delivers an enhanced drug flow thus reducing administration time, without the need of increasing the needle outer diameter.


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Pic solution

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