Pediatric Pulse Oximeter With LCD Plethysmographic

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Pulse oximetry data are necessary when the oxygenation of the patient may be unstable, as in intensive care areas, or in the emergency department of a hospital. It is also used for the evaluation of chronic patients in primary care and pilots directing depressurised aircraft.

The need of oxygen by a patient is essential for life, no human being can remain without oxygen. Although pulse oximetry is used to determine the degree of oxygenation of the blood, it can not determine the oxygen metabolism or the amount of oxygen a patient has. For this purpose it is also necessary to measure levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). Pulse oximetry can also be used to detect abnormalities in breathing. However, the detection of hyperventilation is affected by the use of supplemental oxygen, because only when patients actually breathe ambient air can the abnormalities in respiratory function be detected reliably. Therefore, routine administration of supplemental oxygen may be unwarranted if the patient is able to maintain an adequate oxygenation with room air, because it can lead to undetected  hyperventilation.


  • 1 battery charger
  • 1 battery
  • External protector box
  • Hanging strap
  • USB cable

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