OneTouch Select Test Strips, 50 Counts

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OneTouch Select Test Strips , 50 Counts

OneTouch Select Test Strips are used with the OneTouch Select Meter for accurate measurement of blood glucose. The strips and meter are intended for self testing (in vitro diagnostic use) at home, and also used by healthcare professionals in the clinical setting. OneTouch Select Test Strips and meter can be used on the finger, palm, and forearm.

How to use

The One Touch blood glucose monitoring system is known for its easy and simple operation. It is quick and accurate. In addition it gives you the comfort of using it without having to step out of your house and can be operated all yourself. Take a strip, prick your finger and apply a drop of your blood on the designated area of test strip. Insert the strip into the One Touch Glucometer. The glucometer provides the right reading within a few seconds.


Keep the test strip vial away from children; test strips are a choking hazard. Do not swallow test strips. The test strip vial may contain drying agents that are harmful if inhaled or swallowed and may cause skin or eye irritation. Do not ingest or swallow any items.

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