Omron JPN1 Intellisense Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

OMRON Corporation

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Omron HEM 7200 JPN1 blood pressure monitor is a premium model of Omron, which is exclusively manufactured in Japan.  This monitor comes with a medium cuff which is 22-32 cm in size. There is an option for using power adapter in this BP Monitor, but power adapter is not included in the kit. You need to purchase power adapter separately. However, you will get 4 “AA” Batteries along with the kit for operating this BP Monitor. Omron HEM 7200 JPN1 blood pressure monitor uses Intellisense Technology and gives easy & comfortable BP measurement.

Memory Function for Omron HEM 7200 JPN1 Blood Pressure Monitor

This BP monitor automatically stores up to 60 readings. Also it gives you average of last 3 readings. For getting this average reading, take all the 3 readings within 10 minutes gap. After 60 readings, the machine will remove the oldest readings one by one. Also you can set the date & time before using for the first time. Hence you can view the readings in memory with date & time.

How to Use Omron HEM 7200 JPN1 Blood Pressure Monitor

  1. Relax for around five minutes before you take your blood pressure.
  2. Sit down in your favorite chair and rest your arm on a flat surface. Make sure you sit with your back as straight as possible and your legs uncrossed.
  3. Wrap the blood pressure cuff on your left upper arm. Make sure to wrap the cuff smoothly and snuffly around your bare arm. The cuff should be fairly snug, with just enough room to slip a fingertip underneath. Also the bottom edge of your cuff should rest around an inch above your elbow.
  4. Align the upper arm with your heart or upper chest and refrain from moving or talking while the measurement is taking place.

Make Sure the Following Things Before Buying

Buying Omron HEM 7200 JPN1 blood pressure monitor for home use is a good investment. However, before you purchase, make sure you do the following:

  1. Pick the proper cuff size
  2. Choose the most accurate & well reviewed monitor possible
  3. Make sure the BP Monitor display is easy to read
  4. Also consider your budget carefully.

How to Choose a Home Blood Pressure Monitor?

Choosing the right blood pressure monitor is not easy as it may sound at first, people often get confusion by the sheer amount of options available today, there are so many models, each with some different type of features and claims.

When choosing the home blood pressure monitor, the first thing to keep in mind is not to get confused with options and extras offered by the various companies. Instead, the blood pressure monitor must be good at doing what it is required to do (take blood pressure readings). It must be simple to use, precise, calibrated, validated, tested, and known to produce correct blood pressure readings years after years. Thus best way forward is to choose a monitor from a manufacturer like OMRON. Omron BP monitors has gone through 100s of clinical trials. It is a product of one of the leading Japanese company in the segment. Omron HEM 7200 JPN1 blood pressure monitor will be the best choice considering all this.


OMRON Corporation

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