Omron Bf 511 Body Analyzer

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Omron Bf 511 Body Analyzer

It would be often helpful to know the exact percentage of the muscles mass or fat content in the body and for example which is the metabolism speed in repose. So how can it be calculated? Thanks to the most modern technologies there are now devices for the anatomic control, that undertake precisely this function. The Omron BF-511 works the data out with 8 sensors that supply a high quality measurement. This medico-technical device is user-friendly and is suitable for the whole family.

Unlike other monitors, CaloriScan calculates the amount of energy you burn from all your daily activities, even resting. Whether you’re running, doing the housework or just sitting at a desk, its 3D sensor detect each and every movement, and calculate the calories you’ve burned precisely.

  • 24/7 Calories Burned: Calculates the amount of energy you burn from all your daily activities, even resting
  • Burned Fat: By measuring the intensity of your activity, the unit can calculate the amount of fat burned in a day
  • Distance: Records how far you have gone
  • Clock Included: A 24 hour digital clock is included
  • Calories Burned: Knowing your additional energy consumption as a result of your daily activities
  • 3D Sensor: 3D Accelerometer Sensor. Detects movements in three directions.
  • Daily Steps: Steps taken during the day
  • Memory: Keep track of your data

Application Omron BF 511 & CaloriScan

The advanced technology Omron introduced with its Body Composition Monitor series sets, with the introduction of the BF511, an important next step in the build-up of the product line with a Family model.

Starting from six years onwards, the Body Fat Percentage, Body Fat percentage classification, Skeletal Muscle percentage, BMI and BMI classification and Resting Metabolism, can be identified.

The age range for visceral fat level and classification, as well as for the skeletal muscle percentage classification is 18-80 years.

  • Body Fat Percentage and classification (6 to 80 years of age)
  • Visceral Fat levels and classification (18 to 80 years of age)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and classification (6 to 80 years of age)
  • Skeletal Muscle Percentage (6 to 80 years of age) and classification (18 to 80 years of age)
  • Calculation of Resting Metabolism Rate (in kcal) (6 to 80 years of age)
  • Weight measurement up to 150 kg
  • Guest mode for use in highly frequented situations
  • Graphical interpretation of the Body Fat%, Visceral Fat (up to 30 levels), Skeletal Muscle% and BMI (-/0/+/++)
  • Suitable for children from 6 years onwards and adults
  • Data memory for 4 persons
  • Tested as a medical device under CE 0197 TÜV Rheinland-Pfalz

Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain your current level, CaloriScan gives you the motivation you need to stick to your plan and keep yourself healthy.


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