Glukeeper Blood Glucose Test Strip 50 Strips

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GLuKeeper Blood Glucose Test Strip – 50 strips


GLuKeeper Blood Glucose Monitoring System.   The Carbon electrode blood sugar sensor has excellent price competitiveness compared to conventional electrodes.
When printing Carbon electrode, by introducing a Roll to Roll printing method, the reproducibility of the electrode and price savings technology secure.
The creation of high-efficiency in the production process – Expect a competitive price compared with products of other companies.


1. Measuring technological improvement: 0.35uL a small amount of blood.
Fast response times within 5 seconds.
2. The excellence of the measurement system.

(1) As a code input method using Code chips, you need not to change one by one. So, it resolves discomfort!
(2) Using Glucose oxidase reaction, minimize the impact of interfering substances.
(3) Test strips can be used up to 24 months from the date of manufacture.


The Bio Co., Ltd.

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