Emay Fingertip Oxygen Monitor Blood Saturation With Heart Rate


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An oxygen monitor is a non-invasive device used to test the level of Oxygen (Oxygen saturation) in the body. It is an easy and effective way of measuring the oxygen transmission to the furthest part of the body by your heart. A finger oxygen monitor is a necessary device to have at your home if you have been in any of the following situations:

* To check your ability to tolerate increased physical activity. To see your body response after running, mountain climbing or exercising.
* To monitor oxygen level in the body for heath purpose
* To see how well the medication or therapy is working

Benefits of Using an Oxygen Monitor for Fitness/Exercising

To monitor your blood oxygen saturation level in real-time provides you with the ability to learn about your body and adjust the pace and intensity of your exercise, which is important as means of ensuring progress and subsequent success.
An oxygen monitor can reveal important information during gym workouts as well as regular exercise. Maintaining an effective oxygen range can drastically improve your overall performance and help achieve goals . It can help you make adjustments so that you are getting more equalized oxygen flow throughout your workout session.
If you get a low oxygen level reading while exercise, you can effectively employ one of a few different strategies to improve your levels. Proper breathing, such as pursed lip breathing, works to increase your oxygen saturation level.

What Makes EMAY the Best Choice ?

* Reliable & Accurate Readings: It can detect blood oxygen changes as small as 1% in your body
* Firm and Comfortable Chamber Design: Strong grip with soft & non-slip chamber design makes it the best choice during exercising
* Alarm beeps when it detects your blood oxygen drops below the threshold, which will alert you to adjust the pace and intensity of your exercise

  • Clinical-grade accuracy to give reliable and consistent readings of blood oxygen saturation level & pulse rate
  • Special chamber design to hold fingertip firmly and comfortably
  • Alarm beeps to alert you when blood oxygen drops below the threshold
  • Great companion to understand yourself better toward an proactive lifestyle


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