Diabetel MD 10 Cream Urea 10 75Ml



Diabetel MD 10%

Moisturizing cream with urea 10% DIABETEL MD 10% is a super-moisturizing and regenerating cream for foot protection.

It offers intense hydration to extremely hard and dry skin actively reducing hyperkeratosis of the skin, preventing the appearance of calluses.

It enhances defense and regenerative mechanisms of the skin. It increases the skin microcirculation,

treats face hyperkeratosis and cracking of skin and it shows mild keratolytic and exfoliating action due to the urea content of 10%.


INDICATIONS Daily use for the protection and increase of endurance of the foot skin of diabetics.

Natural protection with the essential unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, arginine, lipoic acid, urea, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E.


Packaging: FL x 75 mL Urea 10% After washing the feet with DIABETEL Foot Bath and thoroughly drying them,

apply a quantity of DIABETEL MD 10% in the legs with a gentle massage. Gently rub the calluses, stretch marks and any rough or irritated area.

Place additional cream to the points where hyperkeratosis, hardening and cracking are observed.



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