Cera-Pet Blood Glucose Monitor For Cats And Dogs Ideal For Vets And Pet Owners


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How good is the CERA-PET Blood Glucose Meter?

The CERA-PET Blood Glucose Meter has been specifically calibrated for testing the blood glucose of cats and dogs and gives results in just 5 seconds. This meter also achieves very high standards in terms of accuracy and precision – compared to the YSI 2300 Plus Biometric Glucose Analyzer, the CERA-PET meter recorded an accuracy level of greater than 98.5%.
Not only is the CERA-PET Meter highly accurate, it is also very convenient due it its small size (54mm x 94mm x 14 mm), light weight (just 39g with battery) and it comes with a free carry case so that you can take your CERA-PET Meter with you anywhere. The carry case is compact and lightweight but still has compartments for everything you need – Meter, Lancing Device, Lancets, Code Keys and Test Strips.

What unit of measurement are the results displayed in?
This Monitor will display the results in either mmol/L or mg/dL – the unit of measurement is quickly and easily interchangeable.
How do I get a blood drop?
The most common test sites are the ear or paw pad. For dogs you can also use the lip.
How do I perform the test?
Full instructions are included with the meter which you should read through before use. Here is a quick guide:
– Insert the supplied code key for either cats or dogs as required.
– Remove the code key and insert a test strip into the slot on the meter.
– Use the lancet and lancing device to obtain a blood drop from the ear, lip (dogs only) or paw pad. You only need a small drop of blood – just 5μl.
– Apply your blood to the absorbent hole of the test strip until the confirmation window is full of blood. The test meter will begin to count down from 5 seconds and a result will be displayed. This result is then automatically stored in the test meter’s memory.
  • 1 x CERA-PET Blood Glucose Meter – stores up to 1000 test results
  • 1 x Adaptable Lancing Device offering 5 different comfort settings
  • Full easy to follow instructions
  • 25 x Blood Glucose Test Strips and 25 x Lancets included in the starter pack
  • Come with 1 x Carry Case, 1 x 3V Battery, 2 x Calibration Code Keys


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