BPL Accudigit Infrared Digital Thermometer Dual Mode 91MED120

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    • The Infrared Digital Dual Mode Thermometer enables the quick detection of body temperature from 2 modes – Forehead & Ear
  • The temperature readings are acquired within 0.5 seconds of the use of the device
  • The dual mode thermometer is capable of storing up to 20 sets of measurement readings
  • The Infrared digital thermometer has a bi-colour backlit LCD screen
  • The thermometer shuts down within 10 seconds when not in use
  • The BPL Accudigit Infrared Digital Thermometer has a fever alarm function for temperature test
  • It is a non contact thermometer
  • Technical Specifications:
    ◦ Models: Dual-mode infrared thermometer
    ◦ Applicable regulations and laws: ASTM 1965/EN12470-5/GB/T 19146-2010
    ◦ Temperature units: 0C/ oF, adjustable
    ◦ Measurement range: Forehead temperature mode: 32.00C-42.20C / 89.6oF – 107.9 oF; Ear temperature mode: 0.00C-100.00C /32.0oF – 212.0 oF
    ◦ Precision: ±0.20C /±0.4oF
    ◦ Display resolution: 0.10C /0.1oF
    ◦ Latency Time: 1 second
    ◦ Sound: volume> 50 db (the perpendicular distance from dB Volume sensor to thermometer is 10cm)
    ◦ Automatic shutdown function: 10s±1s
    ◦ Low-voltage display function: The product shall display low-voltage signal if the voltage is below 2.51V±0.15V
    ◦ Memory function: Memorize 20 groups of measured temperature
    ◦ LED backlit specifications: > 1.2cd/m2
    ◦ Operational conditions: ASTM 100C-400C (500F-1040F)/15-95%RH
    ◦ Type of measuring: Applicable for forehead temperature and ear temperature
    ◦ Battery: Changeable for two 1.5V triple AAA batteries
    ◦ Battery life: More than 3000 times
  • Thermometers are used to measure fever in humans or tell you how cold it is outside. Made up of thermo (heat) and meter (measuring device), the meaning of the word thermometer is straightforward. Thermometers measure temperatures in degrees, according to either the Celsius or Fahrenheit system.
  • Digital thermometers are temperature-sensing instruments that are easily portable, have permanent probes, and is equipped with a convenient digital display. The way a digital thermometer works depends upon its type of sensor. Sensor types include resistance temperature detector (RTD), thermocouple and thermistor.
  • One can use any thermometer, with mouth open, put the end with the red, blue, or silver-coloured tip under your tongue. Close your lips gently around the thermometer. Do not bite the glass thermometer.
  • Cleaning of the thermometer is also important. It’s important to clean the thermometer after each use, but how you clean it depends on what type of thermometer you have. For glass thermometers, wash it with soap and cool water, then rinse and dry. For digital thermometer you can wipe it with a cloth soaked in alcohol or water. Allow it to air dry.

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