Appeton Nutrition Wellness Recovery High Protein 900g


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Appeton Nutrition Wellness Recovery High Protein 900g

Product Description

Quality Sleep & Nutrition For Your Faster Recovery

Appeton Wellness Recovery is a breakthrough nutritional formulation that is specially formulated with LACTIUM® a clinically proven ingredient to help with faster recovery after surgery, illness or hospitalization.

Clinical study shown that patients who consumed 150mg of Lactium per day, which is equivalent to 3 servings of Appeton Wellness Recovery, experienced significant improvement in sleep quality.


LACTIUM® (hydrolysed casein) for a quality rest

Good sleep is associated with better physical health and greater psychological well being

Lactium® is a type of hydrolysed casein which is clinically proven to improve sleep quality.

The body heals during sleep. With better rest through sleep, this allows the body to rebuild itself & recover faster.

HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN to rebuild essential cells & body tissue

Insufficient nutritional intake especially protein is a common problem among hospitalized patients and is often associated with malnutrition.

Appeton Wellness Recovery contains a combination of high quality whey and casein which contains all essential amino acids to aid in faster recovery.

Sufficient protein intake during illness is essential to:

Rebuild cells and body tissues

Promote protein collagen production to effectively heal wounds

Boost the immune system and reduces risk of recurrent infection

Improve strength and mobility

Low GI – Suitable for diabetics & Pre-diabetics

Appeton Wellness Recovery is a low Glycemic Index (GI) formulation which ensures stable supply of blood glucose in the body, prevent sudden spike of blood glucose and suitable for pre-diabetic & diabetic patients undergoing recovery.

Who are recommended to take Appeton Wellness Recovery?

Recovering from an illness/infection

Just discharged from hospital and unable to eat/sleep well

After surgery, fracture or accident

Age group: Suitable for aged 12 years and above

Direction for Use

Preparation method:

Add 4 levelled scoops of Appeton Wellness Recovery (55g) into 210ml of warm water to prepare a 250ml drink.

As dietary supplement (oral use):

Take 3 servings per day for at least 2 weeks to 1 month to experience the improvement in sleep quality.

As meal replacement (oral use):

Up to 8 glasses per day or according to instruction of a doctor or dietitian.

As meal replacement (tube feeding):

According to instruction of a doctor or dietitian



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